Cantine Crosio’s vineyards are located northeast of Turin and just north of Caluso, on the morainic hill that makes up the Amphitheater of the Serra di Ivrea, boasting ideal positions for viticulture.

Crafting wines of tipicity and terroir goes without saying in a place like this. Geologically formed by the retreat of the ancient glaciers that covered this corner of Piedmont, this area is characterized by stony soils with a high percentage of granite and other siliceous minerals. The vine that thrives here is Erbaluce, which mainly finds its home around Caluso and Ivrea. This high-acid, white variety tends to be low in alcohol – a quality that has become increasingly attractive in recent years. It has the potential to produce dry, minerally wines – still and sparkling – as well as a golden, unctuous, dessert wine: Caluso Passito. Make no mistake, Erbaluce has the potential to make some of Italy’s finest white wines.

For Roberto Crosio, producing wine is a cultural act in that he endeavors to maintain and respect the tradition of Caluso by looking to the past to inform how he works in the vineyards and cellar in the present. Although he eschews conventional viticulture and winemaking, Crosio is somewhat skeptical of the bureaucracy surrounding organic farming. However, Roberto is very attuned to his vines and lets them guide him as to how and when to intervene.

Wines/Tasting Notes

: Based on Erbaluce, the variety from which this wine takes its name in dialect, this wine is irresistibly fresh and drinkable. It is crisp and mouth watering with a textured, minerally mouthfeel.

: 100% Erbaluce with extended lees contact. This wine is bright and lively with notes of sage, wild herbs, and yellow flowers, with penetrating mineral undertones. Its freshness and flavor profile are intriguing and elegant, showing impressive complexity and a long finish.

Canavese Rosso
: 75% Barbera / 25% Merlot, vinified in stainless steel. This Canavese Rosso reveals a lively, ruby-red hue with vinous aromas that tickle the nose and recall cherries in all forms, including a whiff of freshly-cut cherry wood. This fragrant, festive red wine is best paired with cured and grilled meats. Chill slightly!

:  Tmeats. Chill slightly!A simple, fresh sparkler based on the local Erbaluce grape. It shows a glimmering, honeydew-twinged hue with captivating aromas of floral narcissus, apple blossom, fresh pear, and yellow melon. On the palate, it dances with freshness and vivacity, offering a fine, elegant perlage. A delightful alternative to Prosecco; Charmat method.

: A spumante (Metodo Classico) made from 100% Erbaluce from 30 year-old vines. It has a fine, elegant mousse and glimmering, faint-canary hue. Look for notes of green apple, fern, and minerals and a cleansing, long, intricate finish.

Annual Production: 50,000 bottles
Varietals planted: Erbaluce, Barbera, Nebbiolo, Merlot
Soil Composition: stone/silica/granite
Total surface area: 8 ha
Vined surface area: 7 ha
Trellising system: Pergola Canavese
Vine age: 10-40 years
Method: Copper and sulfur treatments in vineyards, low sulfur additions in cellar
Certifying body: N/A